Stackoverflow Automation

This is Sayantan, and today I want to walk you through my project Stackoverflow Automation.

Idea : The main idea of this project is to ease the searching of error in your python code in the popularly known website stackoverflow. In this project there are two python scripts one the original code script which might have some error and another a wrapper script which helps to find the possible solution of the error in stackoverflow. I have also used a voice module to make it more interesting. So lets quickly jumpback to the code and see actually what’s waiting for us.

The two requirement to run this script will be

  1. pip install pyttsx3 (for voice module)

2. pip install requests

The wrapper script code of the project

Wrapper script
Wrapper script

The original python script which might contain the error

Original script

In the above pic the error says “ ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘django’ ” So now I will run the wrapper script to find the possible error in stackoverflow.


So the error is automatically being searched in stackoverflow. This can be really helpful for finding errors in the code easily. The entire source code can be found out in my github respository

Any contribution is warmly welcomed in the project and for now the project is mainly for the python script but latter it can be advanced to other programming languages too.